Welcome to Midgard – the World of the Vikings!

Midgard Historical Centre in Borre is a branch of the Vestfold Museums and lies next to Northern Europe’s largest assembly of monumental grave mounds Continue reading

Opening hours and admission

Summer season:
May 1st – september 15th: all days from 11.00 AM to 16.00

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Silhuett av Midgard

Guided tours / groups

’Meeting people’ is one of our mantras. The best meetings take place when we arrange guided group tours. Continue reading

Bilde av gravhaug i Borreparken en vårdag

The Borre Mounds

The Borre Park features the largest collection of great mounds from the later Iron Age in the Nordic region. Continue reading

The Viking Hall at Borre

The Viking Hall at Borre

Welcome to the Viking Hall A unique reconstruction of a great mead hall from the Viking Age! The Viking Hall is a reconstruction of a great mead hall from the Viking Age. In 2007, archaeologists found imprints of such halls … Continue reading

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