Vikings at War

22. apr 2012 - 22. apr 2014
Vikings at WarBilde

The exhibition Vikings at War is based on a book by the same name, written by historian Kim Hjardar and archaeological conservator Vegard Vike, published in the autumn of 2011. The book attempts to bring to light the basis of … Continue reading

There are no borders from space

03. apr 2011 - 03. apr 2014
Jordkloden sett fra verdensrommetBilde

Every astronaut has been moved by the beauty, fragility and loneliness of the Earth in space. There are hundreds of quotes describing their emotional experiences, many of them surprisingly poetic given the astronauts often military or scientific backgrounds. One thing … Continue reading

Nordic Viking festival in Borre 2014

04. - 06. jul 2014
Nordic Viking festival  in Borre 2014Bilde

The first weekend in July, the Borre Viking Association organises the traditional Viking market in the Borre Park. Midgard offers extended opening hours throughout the weekend, and arranges several guided tours of the exhibitions, the park and the construction site … Continue reading


Fotografi av KauapngkilenBilde

Kaupang was a trade centre (called a ’kaupang’) situated at the narrow Kaupang Bay in Viksfjord, five kilometres outside Larvik. Continue reading

The Gokstad Ship


The Excavation The Gokstad Ship was excavated in the summer of 1880 at the Gokstad farm in Sandefjord municipality. The mound in which the ship was buried measured about 43 to 50 meters in length and was about five meters tall, … Continue reading

The Oseberg Ship


The Excavation The Oseberg Ship was excavated in the summer of 1904 in the Slagen Valley in Vestfold, by archaeologist Gabriel Gustafson. The ship lay in a grave mound, which had a diameter of 44 meters, on property belonging to … Continue reading

Vikings in space!

10. jun 2012 Kl. 12:00
Jordkloden sett fra verdensrommetBilde

Viking Times and the Space Age – two eras separated by almost a 1000 years. Come join us for an historical event at Midgard, Sunday June 12th at noon! That is when the world’s first Viking astronaut will take off … Continue reading

Entombed – Viking burial customs at Gulli

30. jan 2011 - 15. mar 2017
Arkeologisk funn fra vikingtidenBilde

In this exhibition we present weapons, jewellery, horse equipment and other artefacts from the Viking burial site at Gulli, right outside Tønsberg. This burial site was excavated by archaeologists in connection with the construction of a new motorway through Vestfold, … Continue reading

Borre in Vestfold, Borre in the World

01. jun 2009 - 01. jan 2018
Dyrehode fra arkeologisk funnBilde

’Borre in Viken, Borre in the World’ is an exhibition of artefacts found in and around the Borre Park. The Museum of Cultural History at the University of Oslo has lent us about 40 items from Viking times; spear heads, … Continue reading