Entombed – Viking burial customs at Gulli

30. jan 2011 - 15. mar 2017
Arkeologisk funn fra vikingtiden

A harness mount from the Viking Age gravefield in Gulli, Vestfold

In this exhibition we present weapons, jewellery, horse equipment and other artefacts from the Viking burial site at Gulli, right outside Tønsberg. This burial site was excavated by archaeologists in connection with the construction of a new motorway through Vestfold, in the period from 2003 to 2004. Among the graves were three chamber graves and eight boat graves, and if we go by the grave goods, the people who were buried here would have been fairly wealthy. Amongst the horse equipment found was a horse collar very similar to that excavated in the Ship Mound at Borre. This could point to a special connection between these two places.

The exhibition opened in the early winter of 2011 and will remain at Midgard for at least five years. The artefacts are lent to us by the Museum of Cultural History at the University of Oslo. Welcome to an exciting exhibition about the burial customs of the Vikings, featuring many wonderful artefacts!

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