Feasting in the Viking Hall

Experience the greatest Viking feast hall in the country!

Do you want to experience the Viking Hall with both food and drink, and culture and history?

We would like to welcome you to Borre, anno 1200, where you are the honored guests of the lady of the house, in charge of running the mighty Viking Hall. Her husband has gone a-viking and she is always pleased to have honored guests visiting to keep her company. The elite lady also wishes to prove that the legacy left behind by her late father-in-law, Halvdan the Mild – known as Halvdan the Generous-but-not-really-when-it-came-to-Food, in Norwegian – has not continued on among the Ynglinga lineage at Borre.

As is only right, the Viking Hall also has its own bard who entertains the guests with intriguing stories, and musicians add to the feastly atmosphere with songs, maybe even opening up for the possibility of dancing?

We serve historical food that is based on the ingredients vikings themselves would have used, and deliver it in a room that carries you back into the time of legends and sagas. The Viking Hall can room up to 90 people and is therefore perfect for larger gatherings.



To offer food abundtantly for their men, and especially their guests, was of the utmost importance to leaders during the time of the Vikings. During feasts only the best of the best would be served.

Main Courses

  • Honeybraised knuckle of pork
  • Apple and herb-filled chicken
  • Chicken thigh with timian
  • Fish with ramson (bear paw garlic)

Side Dishes

  • Kale fried in butter
  • Raw turnip cabbage with sour cream dip
  • Green pea purè
  • Yellow peas with lambstock
  • Barleymix with herbs
  • Brown beans with apple and bacon
  • Apple chutney

Estimated feast time: approximately 3,5 hours.



For those who want something sweet following dinner we offer the following:

  • “Veiled viking girls” toasted in oats. (A traditional Skandinavian dessert layered with mashed apples and cream)
  • Barley porridge with hazelnuts, honey, and forest berries.
  • Yogurt with honey and berries with mint.

A feast can of course be combined with guided tours and/or viking games!

If you are interested in making a reservation please download and fill out this reservation form and send it to info@midgardsenteret.no

For more information and prices contact info@midgardsenteret.no.

Welcome to an historical evening!

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