The Viking Hall in Borre

The hall is slowly but surely rising in Voldskogen, 200 meters north of Midgard. The foundations are finished, and the internal and external walls on the ground floor are now about to be erected. Through the spring of 2012 all the doors will be finished and fitted, the beam layer on the first floor will be laid down and then the floor will be installed.

When this process comes to an end, scaffolding will be erected both externally and internally, in order to add the roof structures. Only then will the work tent, which currently covers the site, be removed – most likely later in the spring. Many construction elements will be adapted by hand. All visible surfaces will be treated using various axes and planes. The planes used are called ’skjøve’ or ’pjål’. We are talking about almost 2800 square meters, which will be covered in an approximately period-appropriate surface. We hope that the hall will be ready in 2013!

Tegning som viser snitt av vikinghall på Borre

Treskjæring til gildehall på Borre

Wood carvings at the entrance of the hall

Tegning av innsiden til vikinghallen på Borre

Inside the Viking Hall

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