Welcome to the Viking Hall

The great Viking Hall at Borre is a unique reconstruction of a great mead hall for the viking aristocracy. The remains of two such halls have recently been discovered just next to the Borre park, indicating that Borre was a center of power already early in the Viking Age.

Based on fresh archeological theories on what these halls may have looked like, the construction took several years and cost around 25 million NOK.


Vikings outside the Viking Hall

Most of the building have been treated by hand, in an attempt to make the building as authentic as possible.

The beautiful wooden carvings are also hand made, although machines were used to get the proper depth. The carvings are made in the Vestfold style, based mainly on the Oseberg find, and considered among the most beautiful schools of viking wood carving.

Det staselige hovedinngangspartiet! Fotograf: Terje Gansum, Vestfold Fylkeskommune

The main entrance
Photo Terje Gansum, Vestfold Fylkeskommune

The main pillars inside the hall have also been made with magnificent wooden carvings, each telling a story which together form the mythological background for the Hall. Included is the legend of Beowulf, which was actually used as background material in the construction of the hall, being one of the sources that indicated that such halls have been very tall.

The hall was opened for the public during the Viking Festival 2013, and it is now possible to have a look inside during the museum’s opening hours. Entrance is included in the tickets to the museum. Guided tours can also be booked.



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